Year in Review: The March Toward Mobile, and Focus on Usability

Posted by Thierry Costa, December 20th, 2011 at 12:08 am PST
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Since our last year in review, the march toward mobile has continued to revolutionize the way we look at site search and navigation. Of course, the spread of mobile devices, and consumers’ interest in browsing websites from wherever they happen to be, drove the other big trend in site search and navigation this year: continued focus on improving usability and streamlining the online shopping experience.

Site owners are constantly on the hunt for new ways to improve searching and browsing for products and content, in a bid to move the needle on conversions. This past year, we saw sites working harder to include social media content, such as Facebook posts and tweets, in search; adding related searches and “most recently searched” lists to their sites, making it easier for visitors to find relevant content and products; and integrating the online and offline shopping experience. For instance, multi-channel retailers have been getting smart about showing “where to buy” information in search results, so that site visitors can find products in stock nearby.

Here are other stories that made news in 2011:

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Motorcycle Superstore’s site search drives up its conversion rates: July 2011

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B2B E-commerce: Revamped online branding and cross-linked site search drives 17% of B2B revenue: July 2011

From MarketingSherpa: how U.S. Toy Company solved online branding issues by cross-linking site searches.

5 Must-Have Features For Today’s Online Retail: March 2011

From Retail Touchpoints: meeting the needs of site visitors via site search.

These articles from our own newsletter “Telescope” proved popular with readers over the past year:

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Here’s what our blog readers found most interesting in 2011:

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The top 10 retail sites with the best search and navigation, according to Multichannel Merchant.

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Out of this year’s lineup of guests for our regular Ecommerce Podcast, here are the most popular interviews from the past year:

Tim Parry

Senior writer at Multichannel Merchant

Steve Groenier

Former VP of sales and marketing at

Matt Konkle

President of Fifth Gear

And finally, here are the most viewed among our “Site Search Video Tips” for the past 12 months:

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Open Search

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Search Suggestions

The benefits of search suggestions for search, navigation, and product pages.

In 2012, we look forward to bringing you more useful tips and strategies on everything from merchandising products to weaving social media into the shopping experience. In next month’s newsletter, we’ll offer up our 2012 predictions for search and navigation trends, and how they’ll impact your business.


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