The Big Book: Chock Full of Site Search Tips!

Posted by Shaun Ryan, February 17th, 2010 at 2:57 pm PST
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Download the Big Book of Site Search Tips

Improving the look and feel—and usability—of your site’s search feature usually requires more than one change. Many small changes and enhancements can add up to a major impact on site search, speeding up the search process for site visitors and boosting the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase or find the information they seek. Evidence shows that search has become the key method for navigating through websites, and there’s never been a better time to make small but crucial changes.

To help you in these efforts, we’ve just released a new whitepaper called the “Big Book of Site Search Tips,” available now for free download on our website. We’ve collected nearly 80 tips for making your site search more effective and easy to use. The good news is that many of the tips don’t require large changes to your site – small changes can make a big difference!

For instance, place the search box “above the fold,” high on the webpage, to make sure that site visitors don’t miss it. You can also add a search box to every page of your site, improving the chances that visitors use the search feature. Other tips advise highlighting sale or promotional items within search results, and also indicating whether products are in stock or out of stock on search results pages.

Let us know what you think of these tips, and what results you’ve achieved if you put any tips into practice. If you’d like to suggest any tips for the next edition of the “Big Book,” send them along to or post a comment on our blog, where we’ll reveal a couple of tips each week over the next few months.

Download the Big Book of Site Search Tips

Download the Big Book of Site Search Tips


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